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Anchor and Micropile Technology


Verankerung Mikropfahl Terra ASF
Tkif kv ankertechnik neu



The terra ASF micropile is a micropile system approved by DIBt in accordance with DIN EN 14199, which terra infrastructure has developed in cooperation with specialist foundation engineering companies as a tension/compression and alternating load pile. It is a further development of existing pile systems. The terra ASF micropile is characterized by high internal load-bearing capacities and load reserves as well as great robustness and low deformation. This is achieved by using good-natured steel grades in accordance with DIN EN 10025. Durable corrosion protection is ensured with the aid of the cement stone cover of the grout body. Permanent corrosion protection of the pile head is ensured either by setting the pile head in concrete or by using the pile head construction in accordance with the approval..


  • Foundation piles
  • Bracing in marine and special civil engineering
  • Bracing in waterway expansion


  • According to DIBt approval Z-34.13-243 Maximum strain of up to 4,242 kN
  • Can be used as compression and tension piles in accordance with DIN EN 14199
  • Low steel strain guarantees rapid activation of forces with low deformation
  • Permanent corrosion protection over the full length over the cement block cover
  • Delivery lengths ex works up to 35 meters, beyond that any extension possible

Technical Data

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The hollow bar systems of terra infrastructure are self-drilling anchors (SDA), suitable for drilling with percussion and are fast to install. The core of our self-drilling anchor system is a hot-rolled thick-walled tube. When using a suitable drill head in combination with sufficient drilling capacity and the right skills, thyssenkrupp hollow bar can be installed in every soil condition, suitable for both temporary and permanent applications and is a particularly durable product, protected against corrosion when imbedded into a cement stone body. We can also offer full-scale stock of all necessary components such as couplings and plates. Products are manufactured by SupAnchor.

The terra infrastructure hollow bar is available in steel grades 40CR, 20CR & Q34B manufactured in accordance with EN10083/3-2006 / EN10084-2008 / EN10025/2-2004.

terra infrastructure readily has stock available of these hollow bars.

Technical Data


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