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Vibration technology is one of the most important methods used in foundation engineering. It is based on the principle of putting the soil into a liquid state, so to speak. This results from the vibrations of the pile-driving material. Vibration significantly reduces the skin friction of the material to be placed and enables rapid placement progress. Vibration technology can be carried out by a leader, free-riding or on an excavator.

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The compact, lightweight MÜLLER excavator-mounted vibrators can be attached to any standard excavator. The power comes from the on-board hydraulics and the units are controlled by the excavator’s control levers. Various models (HFB, HFB S, HFBV, HFB SG, RHA) and useful accessories are available to suit even the most diverse applications.


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Various models (H, HHF, HFV) and useful accessories are available to suit even the most diverse applications.


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Power packs are needed to supply the hydraulic vibrators with energy.
Inside a noise-insulated housing, diesel motors run hydraulic pumps that supply the necessary flow rate for hydraulic motors via hoses to the vibrators.


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