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Trench Shoring


With our diverse selection of complementary products, we are establishing a new standard of customized solutions for your infrastructure project.

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  • Site Road Systems

    The construction roads are just as suitable for construction site access roads, road widening or storage areas.

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  • Pipe Puller

    With our SZ10 pipe pulling machine, socket seals can be pulled together without damage.

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  • Pipe Gripper

    Our pipe gripper have been proving their worth for years in the safe and economical transport and laying of all types of pipes.

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  • Fall Protection

    The fall protection system represents a simple system for safeguarding in accordance with the BG Bau guidelines on fall protection.

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  • Self-Tipping Container

    The self-tipping container is suitable for transporting bulky and liquid goods in a wide range of industries.

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Related services

  • Technical Office

    Our technical office offers advice on shoring solutions, site drawings and verifiable and audited structural analyses.

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  • Site Supervision

    Experienced site marshals assist with the installation of the shoring, ensuring a smooth process.

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  • Logistics

    We ensure fast delivery and high availability through our decentralized warehouses and large rental parks.

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