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The SZ 10 pipe puller enables pipe socket seals to be pulled together without damage and also prevents the bed or pipe ends from being damaged by the excavator bucket. Our pipe puller is a very compact unit: All its key working parts, such as the hydraulic cylinders, the control unit, and the double clamp mechanism are accommodated on a smooth-running trolley. Power is provided by a 12-volt battery and vertical anchoring in the socket between two pipes is affected with a socket spindle. The pulling force is 100 kN and the pulling length is not limited.


  • Pulling force: 100 kN (observe friction values)
  • Pulling rope: 20 m - 70 m
  • working travel (stroke): 500 mm
  • pipe diameter: 800 mm - 2.400 mm
  • Compact construction
  • High tractive force
  • No damage to the pipe ends

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