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The boxes of the Magnum class ensure economical construction processes. Especially when it comes to laying pipes with large diameters or long dimensions. The edge-supported box system scores with a large pipe clearance height between the lower spreader and the bottom edge of the shoring panel. This allows pipes with nominal diameters of up to 2,500 mm to be installed. The Magnum boxes with large panel lengths are also an ideal choice for construction projects with pipes whose overall length exceeds 6 m.

The top panels of the Magnum shoring system are compatible with the Medium shoring system and can also be used as top panels here. The spreading system is identical to the Light and Medium shoring systems with full compatibility.


  • Shoring length: 2.00 m - 6.84 m
  • Height of base element: 3.15 m / 4.00 m
  • Height of add-on element: 1.32 m / 1.44 m / 2.00 m
  • Pipe clearance height: 1.75 m / 2.00 m / 2.46 m
  • Base box: 1,760 kg - 7,130 kg
  • Shoring width: variable


  • Economical shoring solution for laying large or long pipes
  • Very large pipe passage height
  • Shoring lengths of almost 7 meters possible
  • Spreading system compatible with light and medium trench shoring
  • Top panels compatible with medium shoring

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The linear box is a combination of slide rail and box shoring. The shoring box can be installed and dismantled with little settling and can be adapted to a wide variety of site requirements. Above all, the vertically movable roller unit, which functions according to the principle of the linear shoring system, makes the shoring extremely flexible: Among other things, the pipe clearance height can be continuously adjusted.

Like all E+S box systems, the Linear Box is transported and delivered pre-assembled. On site, only the required spacers have to be installed according to the desired trench width. The Linear Box can be equipped with a spreader attachment compatible with Medium and Magnum shoring systems.


  • Shoring length: 3.40 m - 4.50 m
  • Height base element: 3.00 m
  • Height of top unit: 1.32 m / 2.00 m
  • Pipe passage height: variable
  • Weight base box: 3,665 kg - 4,525 kg
  • Shoring width: variable


  • Combination of slide rail and box trench shoring
  • High flexibility due to the vertically movable carriage
  • Low-settlement installation and removal
  • Attachment compatible with Medium and Magnum shoring systems

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The drag box was developed for shoring work in open, preferably undeveloped terrain. The free space in the box and the attached drag plate is used for pipe laying. After completion of the laying operation, the box is pulled forward by excavators with the drag plate in the trench for the next work cycle. Due to the static requirements and in order to stabilize the system, the Dragbox is equipped with an extremely strong horizontal connecting bolt that keeps the two shoring panels at a distance. It can be widened - if necessary - with special intermediate tubes. Elongated cutting shoes attached to the front edges of the shoring panels simplify the dragging process.

The modified design of the drag plate as a triangular shape has further increased the efficiency of the drawing box: Parallel to the laying of the pipe, compaction against the foundation soil can already be started on the free surface of the beveled drag plate.


  • Verbaulänge: 3,70 m / 5,08 m
  • Shoring length: 3.70 m / 5.08 m
  • Height of base element: 3.00 m / 3.15 m
  • Pipe culvert height: 1.88 m / 2.00 m
  • Shoring width: variable


  • Ideal for trench shoring in open areas
  • Can be pulled in the trench due to loadable horizontal connecting bar

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