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Our aluminum lightweight shoring is ideal for construction sites in the city. The modular system made of aluminum closes the gap between heavy steel systems and wooden planking. Depending on requirements, the modular system can be combined and supplemented.

The lightweight individual components (max. 42 kilograms) can be transported to the construction site in a van or car trailer. On site, the aluminum screeds can then be quickly assembled by hand with aluminum couplers and channel struts to form a shoring unit of the required depth. All common trench widths, depths and degrees of difficulty (crossing pipes, confined spaces) can be realized with the standardized lightweight aluminum shoring - even without heavy equipment.


  • Shoring length: 0.91 m - 3.00 m
  • Shoring depth: max. 3 m
  • Shoring width: max. 2.18 m
  • Weight: variable


  • Easy transport
  • Easy assembly at the construction site
  • Large radius of use
  • Countless combinations

Technical Data

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KRINGS Flex Shoring is the ecologically advantageous alternative to lightweight aluminum shoring. It is ideal for laying gas and water pipes and other house connections up to depths of approx. 2.00 m and pipe clearance heights of up to 0.60 m. The shoring can be adapted to different pipe clearance heights using basic and additional elements.

With basic and additional elements, the shoring can be adapted to different pipe culvert heights. The components can be easily stacked and connected with a coupling. Steel corner posts belonging to the system are bolted to the ends of the wooden planks and accommodate the common KVL spindle via a crossbeam. The wooden planks are provided by the customer in various lengths and thicknesses.


  • Shoring/plank length: 2.00 m - 3.00 m
  • Element height: 0,50 m - 2,00 m
  • Pipe clearance height: 0.22 m / 0.60 m
  • Plank thickness: 5 cm / 6 cm / 7 cm
  • Installation depth: up to 2.00 m
  • Shoring width: variable


  • Ecologically advantageous timber shoring
  • Easy adaptation to different pipe culvert lengths

Technical Data

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