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RTG's range of leader equipment includes units in various size classes that cover a wide range of applications in combination with a wide variety of attachment options.

The RG 14 T, RG 16 T, RG 19 T and RG 21 are equipped with a telescopic leader mast. They are characterised by extremely compact transport dimensions and short set-up times. The RG 14 T and RG 16 T models on the lightweight BS 55 transport unit were specially developed for pile driving and predrilling. The advantages of these machines: maximum mobility (simple transport permit in Germany) and high performance on the construction site. The models RG 18 S, RG 22 S and RG 27 S have a stiff, one-piece rigid leader mast. Its extremely torsion-resistant design allows heavy pile-driving work as well as the use of drilling methods where the mast has to transmit higher torques. Due to the stiff rigid mast and the installed engine power of up to 597 kilowatts, the RG 27 S enables the realisation of heavy pile-driving work up to 27 metres. All models are designed as universal machines for many applications and have an excellent weight-to-power ratio.

RTG telescopic and rigid leader masts are designed to transmit high tensile and compressive forces and to absorb torques. In combination with the high engine power, they can be used as carrier implements for a wide range of applications. All attachments are therefore interchangeable within a series - even in a few minutes using the automatic quick coupling system ACS. The core function of all models is to vibrate sheet piles or steel pipes. In addition, RTG equipment can be used for many other processes - e.g. for vibration-free driving of sheet piles with a sheet pile press, for the production of bored piles or for use in various soil mixing processes.


  • High efficiency through effective use of engine power (EEP) as well as optimised hydraulic components - this alone saves up to 20 % of diesel fuel (approx. 1,000 l per month)
  • Effective noise protection through encapsulation of the vibrator housing as well as fully automatic integrated ventilation flaps on the carrier unit.
  • Far ahead in compliance with exhaust emission limits (EU stage 5)
  • Professional support for the operator during work (B-Tronic for recording operating and machine data, comfort cab)


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