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Steel beams are among the most versatile construction products in the world. In addition to their use in building construction, steel beams can be used in a wide variety of applications in hydraulic engineering, transport infrastructure and civil engineering. These include use as a load-bearing element in soldier pile wall shoring or as waling. In addition to the classic wide-flange girders, double U girders, which are made from two individual U girders, can also be used.

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The term wide flange girder is used to describe various girder profiles such as HEB (IPB), HEA (IBI), HEM (IPBv) and others. Many construction sites would not be possible without the use of these girders. These girders can be used as load-bearing elements in soldier pile wall shoring, as chords, bracing, in the construction of temporary bridges or as foundation elements.


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Double U-girders consist of two single U-profiles, which are assembled by means of connecting plates. Double U-beams are used in waterways, traffic routes and civil engineering as shoring elements and as waling. In particular, the combination of double U-beams as waling and tie-back systems such as round steel anchors or micropiles makes it possible to realize projects economically.


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    Wide flange beams are used in soldier pile wall shoring, as waling and bracing or as a foundation element.

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    Double U beams are used in waterways, traffic routes and civil engineering as shoring elements and as waling.

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    On request, we take care of all aspects of project planning, such as tenders, statics, calculations and more.

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    Coating system depends on the expected stresses and the desired service life.

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