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Temporary Flood Protection - terra stop log system



Storm tide “Daisy” pounded the Bay of Lübeck on 10 January 2010, forced its way up Kieler Förde, the coastal inlet leading to the City of Kiel, and left its mark. The result was flooding and untold damage, where normally only beautiful sandy beaches are to be seen. Since then, the authorities in Timmendorf have been placing their faith in the terra infrastructure demountable flood defense system.

The new system is characterized by its fast installation without the need for special training. One meter of safety “grows” every 90 seconds. Based on a post spacing of 3 meters, a wall height of 1 meter and a crew of four, the setting-up time for one wall segment (one intermediate post plus five 200 millimeters stop logs) is about 4,5 minutes, i.e. approximately 1,5 minutes per meter length of wall. About 10 square kilometers of low-lying land, some 4600 inhabitants, almost 2000 jobs, primarily in the tourism sector, and property worth billions are now protected by the new flood defense systems.

terra infrastructure developed the new demountable stop log system, the “terra infrastructure flood defense system”, in collaboration with Berlin Technical University and Rosslauer Schiffswerft GmbH & Co. Flood defenses and coastal protection measures over a length of 4.9 kilometers were completed in five phases. They consist mainly of rip-rap revetments and protective walls, some of which are raised to the necessary height of 4 Meters above normal water level in the autumn by using stop logs.

The terra infrastructure demountable flood defense system performs reliably in all weather conditions and is quickly and easily set up without the need for any special training. The key element in the demountable stop log wall is the unique, newly developed intermediate post. All the parts that are to be cast into concrete are made from galvanized steel.

  • Conventional assembly with bolts is unnecessary
  • No further tools (spanners, sockets, etc.) required
  • Unaffected by shifting sands
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Posts easily and quickly removed
  • Theft-proof
  • Attractive design for tourist and public areas
  • Much faster setting-up time, the wall is soon ready for use

Data & Facts

Timmendorfer Strand local authority
Scope of supply
approx. 270 tons of LARSSEN 600, 3-7 m long, approx. 105 tons of LARSSEN 600K, 1.5/2 m long (base of embankment), new demountable stop log system with“quick-fix posts” over a length of about 70 m

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