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Spundwandprofile, Ankertechnik und Hochwasserschutz

Steel Sections

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Central components of our offering are the sale and rental of sheet piling, steel beams and anchor equipment as well as flood protection systems. Here we have a wide range of products from many offering manufacturers, and we round off our offer with a comprehensive service package comprising advice, technical support, and logistics.

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  • Sheet Piling

    Sheet pile profiles are our economical and reliable solution, which take on diverse and very finely graded functions and they meet the highest architectural demands.

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  • Steel Beams

    Steel beams are among the most versatile construction products in the world.They can be used in a wide variety of applications in hydraulic engineering, transport infrastructure and civil engineering.

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  • Anchor and Micropile Technology

    With our anchors and micropiles, we carry an extensive product range that can be used to master a wide variety of challenges.

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  • Flood Protection Systems

    Flood protection is the most important preventive task of the affected municipalities, cities, counties and states in the face of an increasing number of flood disasters.

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Related services

  • Technical Office

    On request, we take care of all aspects of project planning, such as tenders, statics, calculations and more.

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  • Coating

    Coating system depends on the expected stresses and the desired service life.

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  • Hot-Dip Galvanizing

    Hot-dip galvanizing is a method of corrosion protection and, in combination with an additional coating, leads to synergistic effects.

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  • Cathodic Corrosion Protection

    Corrosion of steel sheet piling below the waterline can be largely eliminated by cathodic corrosion protection.

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  • Signal Transmitters

    The signal transmitter immediately indicates an occurring lock fault so that effective measures can be taken in good time.

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  • Welded Structures

    Welded structures made of steel sheet pile profiles are produced in our workshops.

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