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Permanent Flood Protection - terra glass wall system



The major flood protection upgrade program in Magdeburg also included the areas to the east of the Elbe. To maintain the view of the river in the Turmschanzenstrasse area, we installed glass walls at various points consisting of individual glass panels in different sizes. Special feature: The thickness of each glass panel was matched to the different impact loads. On the river-facing side exposed to very high loads, glass thicknesses of up to 76 millimeters were used; on the side facing away from the river the panes are significantly thinner. This made the overall solution extremely cost-efficient. A further highlight of the project is our manually operated fold-up aluminum panel providing access to the river bank. Measuring 3.00 x 0.80 meters, it is made of checker plate to give vehicles driving over it increased grip. It also operates on a completely mechanical basis – no electricity or machinery is required – and can be mounted and dismantled by two people.

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