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Temporary Flood Protection - terra stop log system



The flood protection around the Semper Opera House was completed.

The city of Dresden lies on several rivers that have overflowed their banks at regular intervals in recent years. The city and state have therefore been investing in flood protection for years. The historic Old Town in particular, which is home to the Zwinger, the Semper Opera House and the Saxon Parliament, as well as restaurants and shops, is to be protected against floods.

As part of a comprehensive measure, Dresden's Old Town was protected on the Elbe side from the Terrassenufer at the height of the Congress Centre to behind the Radeberger Spezialausschankmit in the rear area. A combination of mobile flood protection and inflatable plastic hoses was used. This made it possible to close the last remaining open spot in the area of the access to the underground car park of the State Opera on Devrientstraße with the mobile terra aluminium dam beam system.

In the world-famous old town of Dresden, there were various requirements to be met. On the one hand, the flood protection must not impair the historic cityscape, on the other hand, valuable cultural monuments had to be protected from flood events. The challenge was to design the installation points in such a way that they were more or less invisible in the cityscape. At the same time, however, it must be possible to install the protective wall quickly and easily in the event of a flood.

The terra stop log system plays to its strengths in areas where permanently installed structures are often a hindrance. If flood hazards only occur at longer intervals, our mobile systems can be used for protection instead of costly, permanent solutions. When there is a risk of flooding, dam beams are mounted on the intended fixing points and stored again after the danger has subsided. No special tools or skilled personnel are required for this. Intelligent storage and logistics concepts are another component for fast and safe provision.

Data & Facts

appr. 20 meter terra Aluminium Dammbalkensystem tk 100
Staatsoper Dresden (Semperoper)
Technical Office, terra infrastructure GmbH
Eiffage Infra-Ost GmbH
Execution planning
Roßlauer Schiffswerft GmbH

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